CALCITY Industrial park is a project founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs from Canni Exci group from the United States and Switzerland. Canni Exci LLC is a special purpose vehicle for this project. CALCITY Industrial park combines a professional cultivation approach, with the latest technologies and a skillful team that strictly adheres to high-level quality standards in the cannabis industry.

Located in the State of California, the largest legal cannabis market in the world, Canni Exci LLC develops 6 acres of land licensed for 66,000 sq ft of canopy area. We have the means to make a cutting edge investment offer for you. It lets anyone from all around the world get started in the cannabis industry with us.



  • Full automation of climate control, irrigation, and lighting using a machine learning-based automation get the best results by better application of the learned techniques every other time, with the company's proprietary technology the company aiming at achieving over 5 crops per year. Minimization of manual interference into the processes decreases the business costs by ~15%.

  • Use of UV lights allowing higher yields and better potency. The company's technological ambition is to achieving over 72 grams of yield per crop. The vertical cultivation approach lets them use a canopy space most efficiently.

  • Cheap and efficient use of solar panels with 271 sunny days per year in California City. They are saving a significant amount on energy costs and staying environmentally safe. Also, business-friendly City policy lets them gain thousands in tax credits for the use of renewable energy.



Since California first passed a proposition legalizing cannabis for medical purposes in 1996, medical cannabis has seen a rise in state and public support and has become a growing and prosperous industry.

Cannabis, also known as cannabis, has been approved for medical use in 34 states (including the District of Columbia) until now, and is used to treat symptoms associated with diseases such as, for example, cancer and glaucoma. In general, it is mostly used for pain relief.



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